Dragon Fruit

Sweet Melon


No Fruit


Milk Base

Fruity Base

Base Moet

Base Vodka

Frozen Base

(Includes Bazooka)

Sweet Base


(Mint, Pineapple,…)

Water Base



RAINBOW: Delicious sweet pear with menthol touches.

GRAPE KISS: Sweet grape picked at sunset with a characteristic touch of fresh mint flavor.

FROZEN JUNGLE: Wild blueberries with a touch of the coldest ice.

PETITFRUITS: Strawberry, banana and ice.

KHALEESI: Dragon fruit, blueberries and frozen chocolate.

SWEET FRUITS: Peach, mango, mint and ice.

FUCK LOVE: Passion fruit, passion fruit, melon, mint and watermelon.


COCOLOCO: The purest coconut in Jamaica with a sweet touch of butter cookie and creamy strawberry.

CEREAL MIX: Delicious bowl of cereals with milk, strawberries and a touch of lemon.

SUNSET IN IBIZA: Selected fruits from Ibiza with a touch of sweet Caribbean melon.

FRUIT SMOOTHIE: Delicious blend of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, berries and a touch of lemon citrus.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT: Wild blueberries from Shanghai, mixed with a touch of iced lemon.

CHEESE PLEASURE: Baked cheesecake with delicious butter cracker and a touch of honey.

LIMONCHELLO: Desert fruits with a fresh touch of lemon.

SUNSET VIBES: Pineapple, mango and mint.


COOL FOR THE SUMMER: Sour watermelon with menthol touches.

AFTER SEX: Vanilla extract, the sweetness of chewing gum and a slight cinnamon flavor.

SAVE THE ALIEN: Lime from Malaysia with a cold ice flavor.

BOOMER: : Intense chewing gum flavor.

CARIBE DREAMS: Sweet coconut with vanilla cream and almonds.

COUPLE APPLE: Pure apple.

CHEESECAKE: The sweetness of cheesecake with caramel.

SAVAGE STRAWBERRY: Creamy strawberry.

CANDY ICE: Candies with an iced touch.

PABLO ESCOBAR: Citrus lime with sweet blueberries.

KIWI PIWI: Pure kiwi.

EIVISSA: A mixture of acidic and sweet desert fruits of cacti with ice.

MELON GUM: Sweet menthol melon gum.

PEACHTONTON: Velvety peach flavor with a touch of freshness that makes its flavor last.

BUTTER COOKIE: Delicious butter cookie.

WILD ELEPHANT: You will fall in love with its sweet peanut butter flavour.

MONKEY BANANA: Creamy banana flavor with sweet vanilla.

PINEAPPLE: Pure flavor of the sweetest pineapple.

CRAZY MANGO: Delicious sweet mango and passion fruit.

Enjoy every detail of your trip to Ibiza Catering of Shishas and Cachimbas!

Ibiza is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Spain to enjoy a dream holiday. Luxury cars and yachts, visiting the best restaurants, enjoying the beach, the sun and the most energetic nightlife is part of what awaits you on this Mediterranean island.

Every detail counts so that the travel experience is completely perfect and between so much luxury and fun, the catering of Shishas or Cachimbas in Ibiza can not be missed.  At Weller you get the best service.

We strive to ensure that every detail plays in favor so that you can spend great moments with your friends, family or travel companions. You can enjoy the best Shisha experience in boats, villas and private events.

Hookah catering is very popular in this area. It is a special complement that adds that touch of seduction, pleasure and relaxation that a good meeting should have. Smoking Shishas is another level, since you can taste incredible aromas and have fun with all the experience provided by these elegant gadgets, wrapped in a certain intoxicating mystery.

How to rent Shishas and hookahs in Ibiza?

These water pipes are used to smoke a variety of herbs of various aromas and in Ibiza, Weller Experience is ready to prepare the best service for you.

We have different models and exotic, colorful and luxury sizes that will add to your meeting table that particular detail you are looking for to enchant, seduce and have fun. You can enjoy this catering on your boat, yacht or simply, have it at your disposal in a villa or private event. It is a mandatory complement in parties and meetings of this type.

Hookahs come with one or more suction tubes with nozzles that allow the product to be smoked through them. Several people can smoke from a hookah, as they also often call it, simultaneously at social gatherings.

They also include some auxiliary mechanisms to facilitate the processes of turning on, heating and off. We put all this at your disposal, in the place and time you want. 

Weller Experience: A world of shisha or hookah fun

The hookahs we offer at Weller come with mixtures of various herbs that are known as “molasses”. They may contain tobacco and flavoring herbs or a combination of both. We have a wide catalog for you to choose what you like the most.

Why rent shishas and hookahs in Ibiza?

Because no party is complete without one of these.  They are specially designed for smoking and enjoyment in a big way, since their mechanism prevents herbs from burning completely. You can also add other types of products to experience different aromas, flavors and fascinating sensations.

Adapts to customer needs

Weller Experience’s Hookah and Shisha catering service adapts to your specific needs, tastes and preferences depending on the event and occasion. You just have to choose the mixture of aromas to satisfy the most demanding palates of all your guests.

Completely personalized attention

At Weller Experience we provide a variety of solutions and services for recruitment. We take the shishas and hookahs to the yacht, villa or private event where the services are required and experts are responsible for explaining their correct use to enjoy, if necessary. 

For all tastes

We have packs with tobacco and molasses from the best brands available in unlimited quantities. Tobacco with and without nicotine depending on what you want.

According to the occasion

You can choose a theme, design, color scheme, ornamental elements and the arrangement of a space exclusively prepared to live the experience of smoking hookahs. It is also about creating the ideal environment to enjoy the moment.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy Ibiza in its entirety

Hookah vapors are less irritating and allergenic to the sense of smell, compared to traditional pipes, cigars or cigarettes. So enjoying them is much more exclusive and glamorous.

There is a wide variety of smells and tastes that have been introduced over time in this sector. The diversity of molasses that can be accessed now is practically unlimited and in Weller we have the best.